Modi urges to bring innovation in ‘m-commerce’

Gandhinagar: Prime Minister Narendra Modi asked the country’s IT experts to explore ways to provide as many services as possible through mobile phones to boost M-Governance (Mobile-Governance).

The Prime Minister noted that e-Governance was an essential part of his ambitious ‘Digital India’ project and underlined that the scale and speed of India’s development journey requires maximum and smart utilisation of latest technology.

“I urge you to explore ways to provide as many services as possible through mobiles. Let us bring the world into our mobile phones,” Modi said at the 18th national conference on e-Governance through Twitter, the first time the Prime Minister has used the micro-blogging site to address a large gathering.

His series of tweets were shown live on a big screen at the Mahatma Mandir here. Participants from varied fields, including top IT industry representatives, were present at the conference.

“While we look at e-Governance, let us think about ‘mobile first’ and thus give importance to m-Governance (mobile governance),” he tweeted.

On his ‘Digital India’ project, Modi said e-Governance was an essential part of it.

“The Centre is committed to realising the dream of Digital India, with a vision to make India a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy,” he tweeted.

“I am also certain that technology and e-Governance will make processes simpler and remove several obstacles slowing the pace of work and progress,” he said.

“We are actively working to create a robust digital infrastructure that would serve the interests of our citizens and transform their lives,” he said.

“e-Governance is an essential part of our dream of Digital India. The more technology we infuse in governance, the better it is for India,” Modi said in another tweet.

“Scale & speed at which we have to take India’s development journey requires maximum & smart utilisation of latest technology,” he said stressing on the importance of use of technology in skilling Indian youths.


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