One match multiple motives

This is a kind of a semi-final clash, one that can be expected in the World Cup. We already have the gut feeling that this year could be the Kangaroos’ year, proof of which is the fact that the hosts have blazed through to the finals of the Carlton Tri Series involving themselves as well as England and India. The match that will be played out in Perth tomorrow is a good chance for the both the teams to prep up for a semi-final kind of a clash.

This is an important series for all the three sides, especially for visitors India and England, to check their readiness for the World Cup, like we’ve never failed to mention.  The Australian conditions are different, and both the teams are lucky that they’ve had an amazing chance to test themselves in these conditions, even before the crucial World Cup, giving them an edge over the other teams. But then, have they made that count?

Of the two matches that India has played and three that England has, none of the teams were able to beat hosts Australia. Doing that would have meant that they’re on top of their games, but since both the teams didn’t, it means that there is a long way to get there. Of the two, England has done slightly better, since it has points that it has earned beating India in a one-sided affair. For the Indians, things don’t look great.

This match is a cliched now or never kind of affair. I mean, whoever wins this, gets a shot at locking horns with Australia and sharpening their skills ahead of the World Cup. Therefore, both India and England need to give it their absolute best. In case the match results in a tie or no result, England will go through as it has more points by virtue of beating the Indians.

For England, things would be a notch better, having the upper hand of having beaten the Indians fair and square in their last encounter. This also makes them more deserving. They also have the advantage of having spent more time in the middle — playing all the three matches that were scheduled. They also look more in control, which would be worrying for India.

The Indians on the other hand are all over the place. Their top order has failed and the one batsman who clicked won’t be available. The failure of the batting unit ahead of the World Cup is of grave concern. The bowlers have had nothing much to explore. They’ll have to fire and fire big time. Also, the match against Australia was washed off, meaning they lost out on some critical time in the middle.

What could help both the teams here would be the fact that they’d be required to get only a straight and simple win. No drama of net run rate and bonus points. Hence, with a simple task at hand, all they need to do is concentrate and bat and bowl their hearts out.


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