Russia to create joint orbital station with India China

Moscow: Russia is exploring the possibility of a joint manned orbital station with India and China as part of a common strategy to create technological alliances and may take up the matter with the two Asian space giants in July.

“Moscow could propose to China and India to create a joint manned orbital station at the summit of the BRICS emerging economies in Russia’s Ufa in July,” a document drafted by the expert council at Russia’s military and industrial commission stated on Tuesday.

The experts recommended “working out the possibilities of an international-manned project with BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) countries as part of a common strategy of creating technological alliances.”

“We can start this work now and include the issue in the agenda of the BRICS business council in Ufa,” the document read.

In particular, Russia should make such a proposal to India and China, which have been actively developing their manned space programmes, the experts said.

Other perspective areas for further research could be modular rockets using methane as fuel and also the creation of an aerospace vehicle, which could be used in the future to construct a fighter or a bomber of the sixth generation.


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