Snacks to keep in your drawer

So, you are keen to lose weight, but are forced to stay in front of the computer for long hours because of your work? 

Fret not. While it is common for working professionals to keep munching on snacks while working, many don’t realize that the eatables they consume lead to problems like weight gain and obesity. Ditch your chips packets, desserts and oily snacks for the healthy options we give you in their place.

Sprout salad
Sprouts are a healthy snack option that you could keep at your desk. Boil sprouts and add a little bit of salt and pepper to drive your hunger away.

Bhel puri
So, you crave some Indian khaana with some spice and masala? Worry not, as you still have a plethora of options to choose from. Keep your weight goals in mind and go for a bhel puri customized to your needs. You could do away some aloo and sev, and still have your bhel puri taste well. You could also try a channa masala, provided you go low on masala. You could try these snacks once a week to break the monotony.

Oat biscuits
So, you have a sweet tooth and are wondering how to stay fit despite your cravings? Then, try the oat biscuits. Oats are low on calories and you can binge on some biscuits guilt-free. You can consume them when you are running low on energy, or during an evening tea-break. But make sure you don’t take more than three biscuits a day.

Heading to the gym right after work? Then don’t go run on the treadmill on an empty stomach. Carry fruits with you when you leave for office. A bowl of oranges or apples not just makes for a healthy snack, but also keeps your belly filled. You can carry assorted fruits for lunch when you are in the detox mode.

Boiled egg
We’ve heard so much about the nutritional benefits of a boiled egg. Then, why not pack them for work too? A high-on-protein snack, carry boiled eggs seperately or mix them along with a salad of your choice.

Nuts make for a good mid-morning snack when you are at work. Pack your nuts dabba with badams, dates, dry grapes along with two or three cashews. Nuts boast of several health benefits that are good for our body. A minimal quantity of nuts consumed every day also help in weight loss. What’s more? It is a filling snack too!

We are sure movie buffs who love to snack on a tub of popcorn would love to hear this. But yes, popcorn is a good healthy snack to keep at your desk. You can have them in plenty and still not worry about gaining weight since they are not very calorie-high. And the best part? They fill your tummy as well.

Dark chocolates
Don’t we all love to cheat on our diets once in a while? It is possible, provided you do it in a smart way. Fix your sweet cravings by having dark chocolates. Opt for these bitter chocolates once in a while when you are tired of having salads and fruits.

Corn is a great source of vitamin C and having them on a regular basis helps you stay on the health track. Carry boiled corn minus butter and add some salt, chilly powder/pepper and lemon to give your corn some taste. You could also try grilled corn, if you don’t like boiled corn.

Soup and juice
You could do away with a solid meal snack at work, and instead, go for a clear veg soup or fruit juices. It definitely refreshes your work routine and keeps hunger at bay.


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