Indian style statement for Michelle

New Delhi: US First Lady Michelle Obama’s style statement has been a source of inspiration for most in the world of fashion. She has a specific style that works for her and is often regarded as a trend setter and a style icon. 

As the capital gears up for the upcoming USA Presidential visit, it is not just the time for state policy discussion, but also to create a new fashion trend. The world of fashion is all set with their eye ball rolling to see the first lady who follows her own set of style, who doesn’t believe in the expensive labels and is always most well dressed.  

NewsMobile interviewed few designers & stylists to get a sense and feel of Michelle’s styling quotient and what would suit her best for this upcoming India visit.  

Hassan Raza Khan, Head Stylist, said, “Michelle’s styling is very classy, for her India visit she should try wearing Indian & western fusion; since she is tall something like a tunic or a long jacket with Indian fabric will look nice. I won’t suggest going for too much embroidery or surface ornament, she should just try Indian colours and fabric.”

One of the famous designer trio from Peppermint Diva, Deepali Shah who has styled the likes of Madhuri Dixit, Karishma Kapoor and Deepika Padukone said, “Mrs. Obama is very graceful lady; she always wears the kind of clothes that suits the occasion, she is definitely one person who understands her body well.” 

She added saying, “I will like to give her a long jacket of raw silk with Indian embroidery on it; this can be worn with a straight pants and will give a very classy look with Indianess. Even a floor length anarkali drapped with a duppata will look nice as it is very similar to the evening gowns she is used to wearing.” When we spoke about colours she added, “muted shades of off white, black & white, muted peach, will suit her well.”

Iqlen, a budding fashion designer who owns a designer studio at the Shahpurjat village said, “It’s all about looking polished, like you know what you’re doing and the first lady definitely knows it very well. With all her experimentation and the real statement she makes it’s not just about style at any cost. She uses her clothing and accessories to show that one can carry off their style despite a heavy schedule if one is willing to experiment and take matters into their own hands.”

When asked what she would like Mrs. Obama to adorn during her visit to India she said, “I won’t suggest a sari as it can go all wrong if you don’t know how to carry it. If I get to style her, I will give her a long raw silk kurta with straight pants; this will be very Indian plus she will be able to carry it well. She has a lady-like approach to style that is elegant and inspiring.”

It’s believed that Michelle Obama does not blindly copy the fashion trend of the country she visits; she comes up with her own style which speaks for itself in any country and with any audience.  During her last visit to India in 2010, she kept away from the sari, wearing her version of a long, floor-length garment.  



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