No ban on JuD by Pakistan

Islamabad: Pakistan government on Saturday said that they have not banned Jamaat-ud Dawa (JuD) outfit, headed by Mumbai attack mastermind Hafiz Saeed, and said that only some actions have been initiated against it

“JuD was listed by the UN in December 2008 and it required three actions. These were freezing of its bank accounts, putting arms embargo and travel ban,” Pakistani government said when asked to clarify whether a ban has been imposed on the outfit as reported in the media.

Interestingly, the reports on the ‘ban’ had emerged just before the visit of the US President Barack Obama to India.

Pakistan has not yet said anything officially on it. However, Pakistan High Commissioner to India Abdul Basit, when asked on Friday about the reports of ‘ban’, merely said: “We are proceeding strictly in accordance with UN resolution and Jamaat’s (JuD) bank account has been frozen and there is a ban on the travelling abroad of its leadership…”

Interestingly, the National Counterterrorism Authority (Nacta) of Pakistan has removed the list of proscribed organisations from its official website.

Dawn journalist Amir Mir, known for his hold on security matters, wrote for a leading daily that no fresh steps have been taken against JuD.

“There is nothing new in the Pakistani Foreign Office spokesperson’s declaration about freezing of the JuD assets and placing travel restrictions on Hafiz Saeed, since these measures had been announced by the then PPP government six years ago, way back in December 2008, when the UN Security Council had listed the JuD as a global terrorist organisation following the Mumbai terrorist attacks,” the story said.

It added that despite “bewildering” media reports, the fact remains that no fresh steps have been taken against the JuD, which is still being kept on the watchlist of the Ministry of Interior and has not yet been included in the list of the banned organisations by the Pakistan government.

The Dawn also had a similar report by seasoned journalist Mariana Baabar titled “JuD not banned yet”.

“Though the Nawaz Sharif government has excelled in creating confusion in these past two years, it is mandatory on it to at least make a public statement clearly stating whether a complete ban has been put on JuD or not and what it means for the organisations. If the security establishment, which has strong links with JuD and other Jihadi groups, does not wish at this point to ban these organisations, then it should say so clearly,” the report said.


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