WhatsApp rolls out web version with a catch

New Delhi: Popular messaging app WhatsApp announced the launch of WhatsApp Web, marking the official debut of the app on non-mobile platforms.

“Today, for the first time, millions of you will have the ability to use WhatsApp on your Web browser,” the messaging app said announcing WhatsApp Web via a blog post. “Our Web client is simply an extension of your phone: the Web browser mirrors conversations and messages from your mobile device – this means all of your messages still live on your phone.”

At the moment, the service works only on Chrome with the Android mobile app. However, you will have to keep both your phone and PC connected to the internet to use the WhatsApp PC version.  For the iOS version of the app, the company couldn’t provide a Web client due to platform limitations.

WhatsApp said the desktop pairing is designed to give people another option for checking their messages instead of just on their phones. Facebook, which owns WhatsApp, provides a similar service through its Messenger app and main website.

WhatsApp, at present, have more than 700 million active users, with India alone boasting a user base of more than 70 million. With 30 billion messages sent per day, it is bigger than most of its competitors, including Facebook Messenger and WeChat.

How to download WhatsApp on PC

Step 1: First of all, update your WhatsApp to the latest version. After updating, you must see “WhatsApp Web” option from the menu (which is located at the extreme right top of the WhatsApp Application). If you are not able to see the same even after updating the app, reboot the phone which does the trick for me.

Step 2: Once the latest WhatsApp version is installed on your phone, go to www.web.whatsapp.com

Step 3: Scan the QR Code you will see on your screen using the ‘WhatsApp Web’ feature available on your WhatsApp application

Step 4: The moment you scan the QR code, you will see the WhatsApp application on your PC.


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