BBM for Android Wear in 2015

New Delhi: Smartphone giant BlackBerry, which has seen a drastic fall in market share across the globe, at the 2015 International CES announced that BBM will be available on wearable technologies for a wide range of ‘Android Wear’ smartwatches.

Through Android Wear smartwatches, BBM users will be able to access their BBM messages directly on their smartwatch without the need to reach for their smartphones.

BBM for Android Wear will enable users to receive alerts on the watch when new BBM messages come in, see the sender and discreetly preview messages, read BBM messages, navigate among messages and dismiss notifications with a simple swipe, respond to messages hands-free with Google Now or choose from pre-defined messages to quickly send a response, and accept BBM invites from the watch without the need to access their smartphone.

BBM for Android Wear will be supported by a wide variety of watches that support Android Wear. With BBM installed on an Android smartphone, BBM for Android Wear features will become available on the watch automatically.

BBM support for Google Android Wear platform will be available in early 2015.


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