Imran Khan confirms marriage to BBC presenter

London: Pakistani cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan finally put an end to speculations about his marriage to former BBC weather girl Reham Khan. In a report published in Mail Online, he said, “I am leaving for Pakistan to share the good news about my marriage with everyone back home.”

Imran Khan spoke out over his secret wedding, telling his critics that marriage is not a crime.

The PTI Chief confirmed that he had wed 41-year-old divorced mother-of-three Reham Khan.

Earlier, his sister Aleena reacted with anger at the news, saying she doesn’t want to meet the new Mrs Khan.

Reaction to the marriage has also been negative in Pakistan and on social media, with some accusing Mrs Khan of being a lesbian and one image even claiming to show her in a sex shop.

But speaking from his home in Islamabad on Tuesday, Khan launched a robust defence of his actions and his new bride, declaring: ‘A person can marry whenever he/she wants.’

He pointed to the fact that he had in no way deceived his wife and insisted that he put his two teenage children first when coming to a decision.

Khan’s new wife lived in Britain for part of her previous marriage, when she was a weather girl and presenter on the BBC regional news programme South Today.


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