Anushka joins Virat for team outing in Sydney

Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma have decided not to play ‘hide and seek’ anymore as the two lovebirds were spotted enjoying a day out with the Indian team.

Anushka, who is riding high on the success of PK, accompanied beau Virat to the Darling Harbour in Sydney, Australia. Virat Kohli was there with the entire team.

A few days ago they were spotted walking hand in hand on the streets of Sydney. They were again spotted at Darling Harbour, along with the rest of Indian cricket team and their spouses. Mahendra Singh Dhoni was also spotted at the venue.

After keeping mum about their relationship for quite some time, both Virat and Anushka agreed to their relationship. Kohli had said that it was obvious that he and Anushka were in a relationship.

Anushka, who has been accompanying Virat at most of his cricket matches and so much has been the public display of affection between the two that an Australian TV presenter mistook her as Kohli’s wife few days back.

During his commentary on the final day of the third test between Australia and India at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, TV presenter Michael Slater addressed Anushka as Kohli’s wife.

However, Slater soon realised his mistake and hurriedly described Anushka as Kohli’s ‘fiancee’. 





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