Your Luck This Week

We don’t have to tell you that daily life, much like the universe itself, is full of esoteric mysteries and questions that seem to have no answers. But we are here to unlock the secrets of the heavenly bodies. From love to  friendship to career and wellness goals. We show you what the stars have in store for you.



Relax and enjoy pleasures of this week as the Taurus Moon enhances the fun of the occasion. A focus on your career zone keeps you busy and eager to make a start with plans and projects. Don’t be tempted to bite off more than you can chew, though. Try to bound yourself. The Full Moon over the weekend may coincide with a need to relax, but hitting the sales might also be on your mind. A burst of inspiration can lead to a rewarding journey through time and space.


Avoid: Don’t avoid any connection, with anyone.

Lucky Colour: Red

Lucky Number: 7

Lucky Day: Monday



You’ll enjoy 2015 with the Moon in your sign to cherish your gourmet liking and love of all good things in life. The action speeds up as the week progresses. You’ll be eager to put ideas into action that you’ve been considering over in the holiday week. This weekend, career opportunities may coincide with enhanced networking and a willingness to reach out to the right people. The Full Moon encourages sharing. Communicate your thoughts and think about how you can promote peace in your inner circle.


Avoid: Take things positively as they come to you.

Lucky Colour: Blue

Lucky Number: 2

Lucky Day: Saturday



You’ll make use of the holidays to get your postures and relax, but at the same time you’ll be ready to explore the potential that 2015 has in store for you. Money matters still count a lot, and you’ll be eager to organize things so you don’t have to contend with any unnecessary worry. Your stars hike into your travel and adventure sector over the weekend, encouraging you to explore alternative ideas and experiences. Something good may happen in terms of your business if you try much harder.


Avoid: Treat everyone with equal honor and respect. Don’t judge.

Lucky Colour: White

Lucky Number: 1

Lucky Day: Tuesday



Although your social life still sparkles and this week brings plenty of fun your way, you’re ready to enter a new phase. Saturn in your lifestyle sector may act as a catalyst, encouraging you to consider taking up a healthier lifestyle and looking for work that reflects your mission and purpose in life. Over the weekend the Full Moon in your sign may coincide with a feeling of accomplishment because of something you’ve achieved.


Avoid: Don’t go where you aren’t invited and don’t take things that aren’t offered.

Lucky Colour: Black

Lucky Number: 7

Lucky Day: Friday



Perhaps your New Year’s resolution is to lose weight, get fit, and feel fabulous. If so, the planets are in the right place to help you with your goal. This is a good week to plan a new diet or fitness routine and start as you mean to carry on. With Saturn in your zone of leisure and pleasure, you may want get involved in a competitive sport or get serious about a hobby for which you have natural talent. Romantic opportunities sign over the weekend.


Avoid: The missing piece may come from a place you least expect, so don’t lose hope.

Lucky Colour: Pink

Lucky Number: 9

Lucky Day: Thursday



The focus on your pleasure and leisure sector continues, so you could decide to take an extended vacation this week. Whether you’re at work or anywhere else, take any opportunities to have fun and enjoy yourself. You’ll benefit in more ways than one. Your stars encourages you to consider meditating regularly in order to release stress and develop inner peace. The weekend could become a gadget fest if you’re hoping to find a bargain at the sales.


Avoid: Things may not always go according to your way, stop over thinking.

Lucky Colour: Maroon

Lucky Number: 4

Lucky Day: Monday



This week could be busy times for you, as you’ll be entertaining and making sure everybody has a good time. The presence of Mars is still calling you to get involved in the things you love best. Indulge yourself in a favorite hobby or engage your senses by enjoying a massage or spa treatment. Whatever you get up to, fully surrender to it. Romance looks possible as Venus enters your zone, encouraging you to flirt.


Avoid: Don’t be a part of any type of groupies this week.

Lucky Colour: Silver

Lucky Number: 8

Lucky Day: Monday



You’ll enjoy mixing and mingling with old and new friends this week. Use this chance to rebuild connections that may have been in danger of disappearing. You’ll also enjoy entertaining people at your place, playing host and watching pals cut loose and be completely themselves. With Saturn now in your zone of personal finances, you’ll be eager to explore ways to enhance your income. If you get an natural feeling about how to do this, follow it.


Avoid: Put your to-do list away.

Lucky Colour: Black

Lucky Number: 3

Lucky Day: Friday



You may feel a delicate inner pressure to get things done now as Saturn is in your sign. Use this opportunity as a kick- start this week to review priorities. Meditate and make use of periods of self-analysis to discover the goals and plans that are most meaningful to you. Later this week your zone of communication livens up as Venus and Mercury move in. If you like gadgets, you may add a few to your collection.


Avoid: Work towards maintaining peace by exposing truth. You aren’t alone anymore.

Lucky Colour: Royal Blue

Lucky Number: 2

Lucky Day: Thursday



You’re in your element this week. If you’re planning ahead, take into account any goals that enhance self-expression. If you have an artistic skill or other ability, factor it into your daily schedule so you can develop and use it. Personal finances seem to be important to you this week, it inspires you with ideas and ways to earn extra cash. The weekend’s Full Moon might enhance romance.


Avoid: It’s time to come up for some fresh air, Capricorn. Don’t suppress your feelings or emotions.

Lucky Colour: Cream

Lucky Number: 5

Lucky Day: Wednesday



Although you’re still in a phase in which it helps to relax and recharge, there is a lot to do. Continue to pace yourself this week. Enjoy spending your weekend at home with pals and family – it could be a night to remember. As Saturn edges into your social sector, you may get particular about the people with whom you associate. You’ll also get a sense of who your friends really are. Romantic options sparkle when Venus glides into your zone in the mid of this week.


Avoid: You will find that beautiful objects and sweet fragrances catch your attention, don’t fall for them.

Lucky Colour: Black

Lucky Number: 4

Lucky Day: Sunday



You’re going to have a great time this week. The party isn’t over yet, and you seem to be taking full advantage of the chance to hang out with friends and loved ones. You’ll also want to achieve a key ambition as Saturn moves to your career sector. Start now to research your options, get the knowledge you need, and make a plan. It’s going to be an exciting ride. Love may blossom over the weekend.


Avoid: Don’t be so concerned with capturing something and making it your own. 

Lucky Colour: Red

Lucky Number: 7

Lucky Day: Tuesday


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