Floriculture a profitable business option in the north-east

Imphal: Suitable climatic and geographic conditions give the north-east region a definite edge in the business of floriculture.

Realizing the potential of the sector, many budding entrepreneurs are taking up floriculture. Steps are also being taken to encourage people to take up flower cultivation.

Gurumayum Nanao Sharma has turned his hobby in gardening to a successful profession.

Few years ago, he started ‘Gaminash Nursery’ in a land near his home at Bamon leikai in Manipur.

Today, he nurtures a variety of indigenous and non-indigenous varieties of flowers and prepares saplings of trees and fruits along with providing garden planning and designing services.

In order to expand his business and provide jobs to unemployed youth in the state, he has recently procured two acres of land which he wanted to develop as a flower farm.

“There are so many places where flowers are being sold. I distribute flowers to them. I also participate in many fairs regularly. Many people also come to my place to buy flowers as they know about my nursery,” said Gurumayum Nanao Sharma, a progressive farmer

Khoijupam, a staff here, said that it is very beneficial for him.

“Instead of doing any other work, I prefer to do floriculture as I feel good to take care of flowers. It gives me peace of mind,” he added.

Many people in the north-east are adopting floriculture as an alternate farming.

They get encouragement by participating at various exhibitions and flower shows.

Recently, a three-day long Chrysanthemum exhibition cum competition was held at the Vivekananda Park in Agartala.

A total of 30 farmers and gardeners showcased over 60 varieties of Chrysanthemum at the annual colorful winter flower festival.

The organizers aimed to make people aware of the variety of flowers that can be grown in the state and the profitability of floriculture business.

Ratan Saha, the organizer, said that people are getting employment through floriculture

A large number of people are earning handsomely through floriculture. Earlier, the flowers used to come from West Bengal but now Chrysanthemum is being cultivated in various villages in the north-east and is available in the market.

Beside this, many nurseries have come up here and each nursery is employing around ten people. A large number of youth are getting employed through it.

The north-east region is known for its rich bio diversity and the climatic and geographical conditions make it conducive for flower cultivation.

The region is home to a number of rare species of flowering plants including varieties of lily, orchids, carnations and rose.

A huge scope is available for developing the sector and to supply flowers in national and international markets.


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