Android powered electric supercar for kids

London: A South Korean company has designed an Android-equipped ‘supercar’ which can compete with Ferraris and Lamborghinis!

The special car can be an ultimate toy for kids aged under five as it can reach a top speed of 14 km per hour.

Broon F8, developed by a South Korean company, is an electric vehicle with four-wheel drive, LED headlights, a full touchscreen control and entertainment system and has intelligent drive assist. It can even be controlled by a remote. This toy car costs $1,000 and has many features of a super car.

With New Age motor, bucket seats with four-point safety harnesses, individual suspension on all wheels, Broon F8 is no different from a super car.

“The sophisticated design, state of the art mechanism, the maximum level of safety, and the smartest technology,” the firm said on its website. “The Broon is not just a car, it is a supercar for your kids.”

For driver’s safety, there are bucket seats with four-point safety harnesses. Thanks to a self-analysis system, the car provides excellent handling, as it distributes the power to the wheels based on terrain.

For rough playrooms, the Broon is equipped with individual suspension on all wheels. The suspensions have upper and lower arm structure, which firmly supports the wheels, and gas shock absorbers prevent vibration.

The car can be remote-controlled by parents by using a Bluetooth 4.0-powered controller. The pedals can also be used as an input device for playing games.



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