Stars and their New Year Resolutions

Some traits and characteristics of movie stars have an unbelievable influence on the common man. Some might like to differ, but the bottom line is that star power affects us at some level or another. There is something about the film business that connects with us naturally. You never get a hint of how a certain actor starts to become your idol.

B-town talks about their New Year Resolutions






Boman Irani:

I’ve never made New Year resolutions. Resolutions are surrounded by guilt. I don’t need that for the New Year.”

Paresh Rawal:

This New Year I want to start yoga and get the great Gujarati writer Madhu Rai to write an exciting play for me.”

Dia Mirza:

“I don’t save resolutions for the New Year. I believe if there’s a need to do something it should be done immediately. My wish for the New Year is to be part of an informed and motivated government that will ensure our security, peace, health and progress.”

Celina Jaitley:

“My New Year resolution is to work on my shortcomings as a human being. And the one gift that that I’d want from my countrymen is to not forget 26/11.”

Mugdha Godse:

“My resolution is to voice my opinion and to vote to be a better citizen. And I want to entertain audiences in good films. A great gift for all of us this New Year would be a good leader who can make Mumbai a better city.”


Hollywood Celebs also talk about their New Year Resolution

Adam Levine:

“My New Year resolution is to address and combat the hideous way people treat each other via social media. Please, be kinder to each other.”

Jim Gaffigan:

“My New Year resolution is to only eat salted Tortilla chips.”

Scott Disick:

“My resolution will be that will spend more time with the kids and will drink less.”

Miley Cyrus:

“My resolution will be to only wear onesies in 2015.”

Donnie Wahlberg:

“My New Year resolution is to take what we’ve built, over the last 26 years, to the next level in 2015!”


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