Hyderabad Metro Rail goes on first automatic trial run

New Delhi: The Hyderabad Metro Rail Project (HMR) successfully completed a trial run on the automatic train operation mode. It will be transporting passengers from March this year, as told by the Managing Director of Metro rail project NVS Reddy.

As part of the HMR trail runs, a train was operated without driver between Nagole and Mettududa, about eight kilometers distance.

Latest railway signaling systems with the equipment supplied by a French company were used for the same.

The stretch between Nagole and Mettuguda will be the first operational line for the project which is currently under trail runs. Under the Automatic Train Operation System, a train operates on its own and self controls its movement, speed, performance and automatic application of breaks without the intervention of a driver. Mr Reddy said the driver will have to press a button to close and open the doors at stations and the HMR can upgrade to fully automatic mode at any time.

The first phase of 72 kilometer Hyderabad Metro Rail is expected to come into operation by March this year.


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