Millennium city or Crime city?

Gurgaon: The Millennium City is fast earning the dubious distinction of being called the crime city as well. Whether it is the white collar crime or rape or murder, this year has seen unprecedented crime in the city. 

In the latest disclosure, a gang of four men dressed as policemen reportedly robbed a MNC professional near the Golf course road (precisely at the cut connecting golf course to galleria) at 2 am. The incident came to light on Thursday. 

The men overtook and positioned their car right in front of the victim’s car. They were carrying an alcohol detector showing which they knocked the window of the car. As soon as the window was opened, they took the car and the victim under their control at gunpoint. After looting all the valuables (laptop, cash, mobile, gold), the victim was driven through for 2 hours in his own car. 

Finally at an ATM in Malviya Nagar, the victim was forced to withdraw Rs 50,000. All through this, he was terribly beaten up too. While the gang was still discussing the possibilities of what to do with the victim further, he somehow managed to escape and save his life.

When questioned about the incidence, the Gurgaon police officials denied to comment and the calls and messages went unanswered. 

The spiralling crime rate has sent a warning message to the millennium city residents. These reprehensible acts bring to the forefront the urgent need for a discussion about urban planning in Indian cities.

In Gurgaon, despite the excitement and energy of economic boom-time, the quality of life of urban residents is constantly challenged by poor planning. This is high time for the government to step up their efforts and ensure a safe Gurgaon for the people.


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