Sony may launch e-paper watch

Japanese technology giant Sony continues to develop new wearable gadgets despite failure of earlier products to woo customers.

Business reportage of Bloomberg suggests that Sony is now trying to innovate and create on an e-paper watch.

The product that is said to be focused more on an element of style over functionality is touted to be released with the face and wristband both made out of e-paper.

The watch may be released sometime next year if reports are to be believed.

This innovation comes in light of the recent price slash Sony had to implement after sales of televisions and mobile phones dropped.

Sony remains tight lipped on which e-paper technology it would be using for its recent innovation.

Competitors in the same segment have LCD screens that are marketed as e-paper while others push a kindle-style e-Ink display for their product.

Sony CEO Kaz Hirai had recently formed a new division to focus on research and development and this is said to be the first product of the department.

Hirai is said to have built the department to focus on creating products that do not fit the framework of earlier products.


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