Opposition to corner Modi govt on black money

New Delhi: As the winter session of Parliament kicks off, the Opposition has joined hands to take on the government on the issue of black money.

The Modi government, hoping for constructive support from the opposition for a productive session, was met with protests on the first day of the winter session.

Trinamool Congress (TMC) MPs held a protest outside the Parliament by holding black umbrellas.

Both the Samajwadi Party and the Trinamool Congress planned to target the government on the black money issue.

The TMC has given notice for suspension of question hour in Lok Sabha on the issue of black money.

TMC leader Sukhendu Sekhar said that the government must give an answer.

“The Modi government promised to bring back black money in 100 days.

Almost 200 days are over, they must give an answer.”

“Modi promised black money will be brought back and every citizen will get Rs 15 lakh, where is that money? It’s been six months, we have waited long enough. We want that issue to be taken up immediately,” TMC MP Saugata Roy said.

The SP has also served a notice for discussion on the issue during question hour in Rajya Sabha.

The TMC and JDU have also given notices on the issue.

Opposition parties have been planning to disrupt both Houses over a decision to take up the zero hour before question hour.

The government may face stiff opposition on the Insurance Bill as well.


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