Rahul lashes out at BJP

Panki: Attacking the BJP for failing to bring back black money within 100 days of power, AICC leader Rahul Gandhi today claimed that administration was “an art that required patience and seriousness” and the BJP lacked the abilities.

Addressing a poll meeting at Panki in Palamau district, Gandhi reminded the BJP as to how it mocked Congress over the latter’s efforts in bringing back black money, but BJP itself “failed” in getting the stashed money from foreign banks.

Attributing the problems surrounding diplomacy for the delay in the pursuit of black money during the UPA regime, he said the Narendra Modi government was talking of the same problems confronting it now.

Administration is an art, which requires patience and seriousness. The BJP lacked these,” claimed the Congress vice president, adding governance was not run impulsively.

Taking on Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the “Swachh Bharat Campaign”, Gandhi said that the important factor in cleanliness was to make the people aware of cleanliness instead of just placing brooms in the hands.

Accusing the BJP of making moves to amend tenancy acts of Chhotanagpur and Santhal Pargana, Gandhi said the Congress would not allow any change in the acts, which protect land of tribals.

Stating that the Congress had never been in power in Jharkhand directly, Gandhi alleged that Jharkhand was ruled by the BJP for nine of the 14 years that increased corruption in the state.

He said the Congress was serious about the state’s development and would definitely take the opportunity if it got, to serve the people of Jharkhand this time.


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