The dark tales of Swami Rampal

New Delhi: Little was he known as junior engineer with the Haryana irrigation department more than a decade back, but Sant Rampal lived an absolute lavish life with a huge fan following after being sacked from his job.

Known by the name of Satguru Rampal Ji Maharaj, he lived a luxurious life owning crores and a fleet of expensive cars.

When the seige ended with the arrest of the self-styled ‘godman’, the police entered inside the sprawling 12-acre ashram in Barwala, Haryana and found out about the luxurious lifestyle of Rampal.

The ashram has an air-conditioned gathering hall flanked by large LED screens where Rampal used to address thousands of his supporters, who were reportedly later used as human shields by their spiritual leader itself, from behind his bullet-proof pulpit. There was even a library and an infirmary.

Inside the godman’s lair was an X-ray room, USG machines, and, bizzarely, bombmaking facilities even as the police said that during the siege crude bombs were hurled at them from inside the ashram by the supporters.

Besides this, it is being reported that there was an interesting sign board in the ashram reading that the ‘money should only be given to Rampal, no one else’ confirming no pauper this man was.

In the ashram complex there is a five-storey building where Rampal lived. The gates of the complex was locked and the police this morning had to break the doors down to enter inside.

Upon entering, there was more insight of the life enjoyed by the godman. A large pool sat in the middle of the multi-storey building complex.

From being born in a farmer family in Haryana’s Sonepat, to having crores in wealth, to luxurious lifestyle, to owning several Benzes and BMWs, to thousands of followers some even ready to lay their lives for him, this tainted godman, Sant Rampal, lived a kind of life which probably is no different from any other ‘saint’ in India.



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