Groom chooses polling booth before wedding ceremony

Chandigarh: Sporting a colourful headgear and accompanied by a marriage party, groom Jaswinder Singh reached the polling booth on Wednesday, first to vote before heading to attend his wedding ceremony.

Singh, of Assandh constituency gave preference to exercising his franchise over starting his journey to Kuruskhetra for the marriage function.

But, it wasn’t just the groom-to-be, who displayed such enthusiasm, as 27-year-old Sarita, despite suffering from a debilitating disease made her way to the voting queue.

Sarita, who stands just 30-inch, suffers from ‘Primordial Dwarfism’ a bone growth disorder resulting in short structure. She made it sure to reach the polling booth set up in her Bairiwayas village in Rewari assembly constituency to exercise her franchise.

“This is my third time in voting and I urge people to come out an vote to strengthen the democracy,” she said after casting her vote.

Daughter of one Rattal Lal, she said that she had gotten herself enrolled as voter at the age of 19. She said, she has to take support of family members to move around.

Usha, another voter, who gave birth to a baby boy two days ago at a private hospital at Rewari, after getting discharged on Wednesday, came straight away to a polling booth at her Gokalgad village to cast her ballot.


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