Taking TV-free days keeps you fit

London: A new research has revealed that the long hours spent on watching Television should be limited in order to avoid gaining weight.

According to the draft health advice on obesity, people should take TV-free days or set two-hour limits on the amount of time spent sitting in front of screens that makes people inactive and eat more.

The guidance from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (Nice) urged that any strategy that reduces TV viewing and other leisure screen time may be helpful.

Nice further added that people should not eat more calories than they burn up and should cut down on the amount of energy-dense food, such as fried foods, biscuits, sweets and full fat cheese.

The guidance continued that people who do not usually eat breakfast should eat unsweetened wholegrain cereals or bread and lower fat milk instead of other energy dense snacks such as pastries or biscuits and meals should be “enjoyable occasions without distractions.”


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