I care for Ranbir admits Katrina

Mumbai: After keeping her closeness to beau Ranbir Kapoor under wraps, Bang Bang lead actress Katrina Kaif recently said that she “cares for him and feels protective about him”.

Speaking at length in the interview about Ranbir, his habits, personality and every other aspect of him, Katrina said that she has seen him evolve as a person and grow as an actor.

“He is incredibly polite at all times and makes that extra effort to come out of that circle of introspection and make that other person feel good. I see in him a lot of depth and he has so much in him that probably even he has yet to discover. I think he has the capacity to help people even more than he does and as time goes by, he will find even more strength and satisfaction in giving strength to other people,” she said.

“He can be detached, but I can’t be. He is incredibly funny and charming. I guess to connect with a person at such a deep level, our souls must be connected,” said Katrina Kaif.

Katrina also said how protective she is for Ranbir. “I care a lot for him and feel protective about him. He has the capacity to be an extremely talented actor and a deeply evolved, highly intellectual and sensitive human being at the same time. He has the capacity and I can see the height of his potential,” Katrina said.

The actress also cited an example pointing out a difference between the two, saying is that Ranbir is incredibly charming and polite with everyone he comes in contact with on the sets, whereas Katrina gets tired after saying a good morning to just three people.

Katrina Kaif is busy gearing up for the release of her upcoming movie ‘Bang Bang!’ with Hrithik Roshan which is slated for release on October 2, 2014.


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