Five apps to boost your career

New Delhi: On one fine Sunday morning, the phone rings. It was a call from an unknown number.  I picked it up hoping for it to bring some good news.

“Sir, we are calling from a placement agency, your CV has been shortlisted. Are you looking for a job change?” said a female voice from the other end.

I kept wondering what made them call me on Sunday. But this mystery was solved soon after the call ended when I received a text message: “Hope our call helped in finding you a job. Thank You for subscribing to our app.”

In this era of technological advancements, everything is governed by it. Technology not just helps you get a job but accelerate your growth too. You just need to have right the right apps on your smartphone and tablets.

These apps can make you smarter and ready for networking, preparing for interviews, writing a good resume or getting advice on most difficult work related issues.

NewsMobile brings you some of the apps that can give you a ‘smart’ career.


LinkedIn is a free app and is currently available in 23 known languages helping people network around the globe. It is available for iOS, Android devices and PCs as well. The online networking service links the corporate world and helps in bringing more workforces together.

It helps you to be updated about new openings in various companies in your field and most importantly, you can apply for the jobs directly through LinkedIn. It is also referred to as Facebook of the business world and gives you access to all the needed job information. Founded in December 2002 and launched on May 5, 2003, it is mainly used for professional networking.


On SimplyHired, which is free for users all over, you can find jobs from 24 countries in 12 different languages. The company aggregates job listings from thousands of sites across the web including job boards, newspaper and classified listings, associations, social networks, content sites and company career sites. It then distributes those jobs on its website as well as social network, blog, and other website partners.

This app also helps you getting connected with your LinkedIn profile for smooth sorting of preferred jobs. SimplyHired is available for iOS and Android users and lets you save job postings and review it later. Simply Hired was founded in 2003 by Gautam Godhwani and Peter Weck.


Meetup, launched in June 2002, brings together like-minded people on the same platform and thus providing ample space for creative discussions and talks. Meetup allows members to find and join groups unified by a common interest, such as politics, books, games, movies, health, pets, careers or hobbies.

Meetup is a free app available for Android and iOS users. Using this, you can find people related to your field and take advices, discuss issues and land a great job for yourself.


Glassdoor is a free app providing a platform for candidates to check for authentic job opportunities. Through this app, you can research and know more about the company, with comments of earlier employees and the current ones. These will help you sort out better companies and help you decide what’s best for your career according to the work environment. It is available for both iOS and Android devices.

The company was launched in 2008.


While you are on the track of hunting jobs, keeping a track of important dates and times can be hectic and irritating. Cal, a free app helps synchronize all dates for you, and can work like a diary of logs.

This app synchronizes your phone’s calendar and will keep updated your appointment dates. It works as a reminder to you and keeps you always on time, not letting you miss any important appointments. Cal also helps in making calls, composing mails, and texting.


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