Was a 26/11 repeat being planned?

Chennai: The arrest of the Sri Lankan posing as a businessman in Chennai on charges of spying for Pakistan and photographing high-security zones, has left intelligence officials concerned about possible plans for a 26/11-type attack in the South. 

The NIA, which handles cases linked to terrorism, says Arun Selvarajan had photographed and filmed areas of national security including the Coast Guard’s hub and a training college for army recruits in Tamil Nadu, and the navy’s large base in Visakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh.

Selvarajan, who is believed to have moved to Chennai three years ago, ran an events management company which organised concerts and conferences.  He allegedly made contacts among those posted at high-security installations to get photographs of sensitive locations. 
Sources say the picture they are piecing together suggests that Selvarajan may have been deployed to collate a series of visual guides that could be used for a 26/11-type attack in Tamil Nadu. The landmarks targeted by Pakistani terrorists in Mumbai in 2008 had been filmed and photographed extensively by Pakistani national David Coleman Headley, who is now in jail in the US.
Selvarajan, who was arrested on Wednesday, allegedly routed his information via Skype and Viber to his Pakistani handlers at Colombo.  He had allegedly been paid lakhs of rupees; he used the ATM of a bank account held by his Pakistani handler in Colombo.


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