Now pre-order an iPhone 6 with a pink diamond for $48.5m

Washington: A US luxury brand, Falcon has offered a rose-gold iPhone 6 with a pink diamond mounted on the back, for pre-order, at $48.5 million. Falcon is also offering an iPhone 6 with a blue sapphire on the back for $4.75 million.

However, users can make their pick from Falcon’s ‘Bespoke’ collection, which includes a black diamond, sapphire, emerald-cut diamond, emerald, or Burmese ruby and these aren’t subtle stones, they’re massive rocks designed to draw the eye of everyone around you.

The Bespoke collection, which tops out at $4.75 million, is the company’s second string. The top-of-the-line phones are found in the SuperNova collection, which starts at $32.5 million for a blue diamond, steps up to $42.5 million for an orange diamond, and then reaches a pinnacle of excess with the pink diamond, the report said.

The company requires a 50% deposit when you order your phone and says your pimped up version will be shipped within 10 weeks.


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