Student assesses his Teacher Modi

New Delhi: “The answer he gave was satisfactory, but I was expecting more. Like me, our Prime Minister also comes from a humble background, so I wanted him to tell us how we can make that big, how we can be like him, how we can achieve in life. That whole context was missing,” said the 17-year-old Nickson Laisram from Imphal who delivered a block-buster moment when he asked Prime Minister Modi, “How can I become the PM?”

While Modi’s reply provoked laughter all across the country, Nickson says he can’t really give the PM an A+ for that answer.

Modi had laughed heartily before delivering his response. “Start preparing for 2024 elections. It also means till then I do not have any threat,” said PM.

But the teen, who says that just in case he does not make PM, he would like to be an IAS officer.

He says he was inspired by the PM’s 120-minute speech and the questions that were put to him by students from across the country through video-conferencing, just like Nickson. “This was a great opportunity. Our PM inspired the young minds with his words and that’s what I liked the most.”


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