NaMo asks offices to go on E-Drive

New Delhi: In a move to digitalise all the official documents and ensure all the governmental work is done without any delay, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is reported to have given clear orders to all the Central government offices to go online.

In an order issued last month by the Department of Expenditure, the government has asked all its offices to take strict measures in reducing the use of paper. The letter made it binding on them to follow the orders, pointing out that the earlier instructions were not followed properly.

The massive drive towards e-governance, aimed at cutting administrative expenditure and saving millions of trees in the process, makes it mandatory to digitise all government documents, policy papers and guidelines.

In cases which require paper documents, the text should be typed on both sides, the order said. Moreover, the documents should be typed in single space to minimise the use of paper, it said.

The government also wants all leave application forms and other such documents should go online and their manual submissions discouraged.


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