Doctor’s son kidnapped killed by sacked assistant

Nagpur: The eight-year-old son of a doctor was kidnapped from his house and was found dead the next day in Nagpur.  

Police arrested a man who worked for him at his clinic and allegedly confessed to killing the boy by smashing his head with a stone. 

The assistant was reportedly sacked by the doctor a few days ago over complaints of irregularities. 

Police say he kidnapped the boy from the gate of his colony with the help of a friend on Monday, soon after the child got out of his school bus. He reportedly offered the child a ride on his two-wheeler. 

After the doctor’s family got a ransom call demanding Rs 10 crore on Monday night, the police suspected the assistant’s involvement and called him for questioning. During interrogation on Tuesday, he admitted to kidnapping and murdering the boy with the help of a friend.

The two later took the police to a drain in a village where they had dumped the child’s body on Monday.





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