DTC asks Delhi Police to pay Rs 70 crore

New Delhi: The Delhi Police appear to take undue privilege in travelling for free in the city buses. The Police officials have taken the free traveling to all new level as it owes nearly Rs 70 crore to the transport department courtesy its more than 60,000 personnel who commute on Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) buses without paying fares.

DTC recently wrote to senior police officials for footing the bill of Rs 70 crore for the free rides that the police personnel take on DTC buses.

“Almost 65,000 personnel of the Delhi Police use DTC buses to commute. This is excluding the buses that they hire for transporting or mobilising personnel within the city. The police personnel have been using services of DTC without paying a penny,” a senior transport department official said, adding that the department had written to the Delhi Police to clear their dues.

The transport authority also claimed that, police officials do not invest on monthly passes for easy commute that will save their money and time.

Earlier, DTC officials complained that policemen not only refuse to buy bus tickets but they also insist that their family members be allowed free travel while accompanying them. On their part, the policemen have maintained that their presence on DTC buses ensured security for commuters.

Free rides have been a contentious issue between the DTC and Delhi Police. Heated arguments between DTC conductors and policemen, especially those travelling not in uniform, about free rides are nothing new in the Capital.


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