I want to challenge myself as an actor says Daniel Radcliffe

Washington: Daniel Radcliffe recently revealed at his Comic-Con appearance that he seeks out sensible stage and films in order to send a message to people that he wants to challenge himself as an actor.

The 25-year-old actor said, while promoting his dark horror movie ‘Horns’ at the event, that he wanted to last as an actor, which’s why he was determined to prove that he has a career after Harry Potter.

Horns have been adapted by Keith Bunin from Hill’s 2010 novel, a genre-bender he described as a “tragicomic-horror-dy” and Alexandre Aja director tale depicts the story of Ig Perrish played by Radcliffe, who awakens one morning to find a pair of demonic horns growing out of his skull in the wake of his girlfriend’s murder.


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