A Man in Need has an App indeed

With thousands of apps flooding the market; from games, to video sharing to stock exchange we bring you those created for making your life simpler and more systematic.

1. Cloudmagic: Cloudmagic lets you manage all your mail accounts from one place. It works with all mail accounts, even IMAP and Microsoft Exchange accounts. It helps you organise your mail and also connects with popular apps like Evernote and Pocket. You can add reminders and move mails seamlessly between folders and mailboxes.

2. Contacts + : This app helps you sync all your contact information across various social networking sites, hence helping you save time and energy networking with people.  It shows you recent calls/messaging logs with that person, their cover photos, etc. which makes it convenient to keep up with the ones you want to, all in one place!

3. Pocket: With so much of content available on the web, there is always something that you want to read or have a look at, but don’t have the time to. Pocket to the rescue! This app helps you save articles, links, videos, and anything else, and access it later when you want to. It syncs across your tablet, PC and phone, so you can have all your content with you at all times.

4. OneNote: OneNote is one of the best note making apps available. Not just making notes, one note can turn into your personal assistant. It can perform basic arithmetic operations and even calculus, it can extract text out of pictures, it can record and convert audio into notes, you can customise your notes using templates, and all this for free! Sharing and syncing is also very easy using OneNote, and you can also protect your notes with passwords!  

5. Microsoft office mobile: Microsoft office on the go! Needless to say why this one is an essential. Microsoft has now removed the condition that users must have an Office 360 account, making it easier for users to access and edit documents, spreadsheets, and presentations on the go.

6. Quip: This app combines document sharing and messaging. It’s a great way to work with a team, as you can discuss changes and act on them simultaneously. One can create shared folders and use the app for any purpose, starting from preparing annual reports to planning family holidays! 

7. IFTTT: IFTTT stands for “If this then that”. This app enables you to put the internet to optimal use by letting you create combinations of “triggers and actions”. Your recipe could look like “If I star a mail add it to Evernote”. Save pictures you post to Facebook to Dropbox, get a text reminder to close your windows when it starts raining, unmute your phone when you get home, all automatically!

8. Any.do: This app organises your to-do list and helps get things done quick and easy. The calendar is great, and the user interface is simple and user friendly. Its cross platform accessibility adds to its merits as a must have.

9. Readability: Readability helps improve your reading experience on the web by helping you collect everything that you want to read in one place and the  read it with a clutter free interface. You can create bookmarks and shelves, and this app helps you read different documents and other content across platforms.

10. Map my run: This app helps you create a route to run on, and measures your time, pulse and everything else on the go, using GPS. It also helps you plan and monitor your diet, and you also have the option to share your progress with your friends over social media. All in all, this one is a must have for all you runners out there!


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