Fachhas explore DU hangouts on Day 1

New Delhi: The first day of the academic sessions at Delhi University was all about getting to know the campus. New students made their way around the hang out points at their colleges, familiarising themselves with a place they’ll roam for three years. 

“Our seniors treated us to chhole bhature at Chacha’s chhole bhature in the Kamla Nagar market! We had a great time and are looking forward to the next three years in college. There’s so much to do here!” said Devesh Rao from KMC.

No incidents of ragging were reported, with healthy interaction between senios and juniors, “We were told ample number of times by the authorities, teachers and seniors that we should feel free to approach them should we need help regarding anything, specially ragging. The seniors were very friendly, though. They came and asked us to introduce ourselves in pure Hindi, and we had to start our introduction all over again in case we said something in English. It was all in god humour, and even those students who were not from Hindi speaking states took it sportingly.” said Pallav Khanna, a first year student from Hansraj College. 

Most colleges also held orientation programmes for the new students, “The orientation session was very helpful. We got to know what the pattern of study would be, which teachers will teach us which subjects. We were also informed about the extra-curricular and sports activities in the college. We had time to explore the campus and interact with our seniors and batch mates.” said S. Vidya from Maitreyi College.

(Note: Facchas is a term often used for freshers in DU.)


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