BEST’s Metro feeder buses ply empty

Mumbai: Metro Pheri bus service, that was supposed to be BEST’s “profitable venture,” goes practically empty, even during the peak hours. BEST officials, however, said it was too early to jump to a conclusion. “We need to publicise the service,” an official said.

Two Metro Pheris (ring routes) were launched on June 25—Metro Pheri 1 and Metro Pheri 2. However, citizens said the latter is a flop venture. “Last week all routes were running packed due to heavy rains, except the Metro Pheri.

A BEST source blamed auto drivers for parking close to the exit bridges of Metro stations and picking up passengers even before they can reach bus stops. Nonetheless, not getting passengers is loss for the transport body. In fact, BEST recently withdrew its services along the Andheri-Ghatkopar corridor and is now relying on the feeder routes to make profits. 


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