A tryst with Archie

From a freckled 17-year-old boy Archie Andrews has become a culturally progressive man who tries to rebuild his town – Riverdale.

A gifted singer and guitarist he started the ‘Archies band’ when he was in junior school with his friends, Reggie (bassist or guitarist), Veronica (vocals and keyboards), Betty (vocals and tambourine), and Jughead (drums).


Life as we know it

Born in December, 1941, Archie is a lovable, though accident-prone, redhead.

He is the only child of Mary and Fred Andrews who are of Scottish descent. Fred works as a mid-level business executive.

Archie’s paternal grandfather Andy Andrews, immigrated to the US from Scotland.


Riverdale High School.

Serial dater

His love life has always been the talk of the town. Veronica Lodge, the rich, spoilt and beautiful love interest of Archie is joined by Betty Cooper, his girl-next-door child hood sweetheart, to form a love triangle.

A third love interest is the wealthy red-haired girl named Cheryl Blosson. At the same time, Archie also dates many other girls, including Ginger Lopez, and Valerie Smith.


Jughead Jones has been Archie’s best friend ever since childhood. When Jughead first came to Riverdale, he tried to dismiss Archie but soon the two became inseparable.

Reggie Mantle is Archie’s constant romantic and athletic rival. Reggie takes every opportunity to play practical jokes on Archie and make cynical wisecracks.

Archie’s other friends include Ditlon Doiley, the local genius; Moose Mason, the dim-witted but likable star athlete of Riverdale High; Chuck Clayton, another of Archie’s teammates; Moose and Chuck’s girlfriends Midge Klump and Nancy Woods; and Ethel Muggs, a girl with a major crush on Jughead.

Archie’s cars

He had a run-down 1916 Ford Model T jalopy called “Betsy”. He then bought a mid-1960s Ford Mustang, more contemporary in appearance, but still unreliable and prone to breakdowns.


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