Giant hole in Siberia puzzles scientists

Siberia: Reports about the sudden appearance of a mysterious giant hole in Siberia, Russia is doing the rounds on the internet. It was spotted by helicopters over the gas-rich Yamal peninsula. Yamal – its name translates as ‘end of the world’ – is a crucial oil and gas region of Russia. 

The cause of the crater in northern Russia is unknown. However, many scientific claims are being discussed but, no concrete cause has been yet zeroed down on. The most backed theory is that of global warming. “There is additionally speculation it could be caused by a space object – perhaps a meteorite – striking earth or that it is a sinkhole caused by collapsing rock beneath the hole caused by as yet unknown factors,” reports The Siberian Times. 

This new discovery is going viral on social media. Some people are scared of the consequences and think it might be the hole that will eventually end the world, while others are busy making jokes. 





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