Paul McCartney struggled with drugs post-Beatles

New York: Paul McCartney’s struggle with drugs and alcohol after Beatles breakup has been revealed in new book titled, ‘Man on the Run: Paul McCartney in the 1970s’, penned by music journalist Tom Doyle.

Doyle wrote that McCartney knew he was in trouble the morning he couldn’t lift his head off the pillow and a dark thought flashed through his mind that if he couldn’t make the effort to pull himself up, he’d suffocate right there and then.

Doyle, who conducted extensive interviews with the 71-year-old musician and almost everyone else still alive from the singer’s dark decade, tells the story of a man who almost didn’t make it out of the ’60s and the Beatles alive.

McCartney mentioned that he almost had a nervous breakdown and that Linda found the situation frightening beyond belief and the rock star she had married was suddenly a broken, beaten man.

The book also reveals about the volatile relationship McCartney had with his band member John Lennon.


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