Bus conductors in Bangkok wear adult nappies

Melbourne: Bus conductors in Bangkok have started wearing adult nappies because of increasing traffic and due to no toilet stops along the route.

A recent survey found that around 28% of female bus conductors in Bangkok had worn nappies on a job that requires them to work up to 16 hours a day.

Jaded Chouwilai, director of the Women and Men Progressive Movement Foundation said that the results were surprising as many of them also suffered from urinary tract infections and stones in their bladders.

Chutima Boonjai, secretary of the Bangkok Mass Transit Authority labour union, who has asked for more toilets to be placed along bus routes or in bus terminals said that the conductors have to work long hours in the heat and their working conditions are not at all good.

Bus drivers also suffer problems ranging from back pain to haemorrhoids because of tiring and hot working conditions, she added.


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