Assam top police officer killed in ethnic violence

Guwahati: The ethnic tension between Karbis and Nagas still simmering, a Superintendent of Police and his Personal Security Officer (PSO) were killed in encounter on Thursday. The Superintendent Nitya Nanda Goswami was leading an operation against the insurgents in the Rongthang forest area when they came face to face with a large group of the ultras who opened fire.

Goswami was leading a team of five policemen but was far outnumbered and killed. The bodies of Goswami and his PSO were recovered on Friday.

The Karbi People’s Liberation Tigers (KPLT) was formed in 2010, demanding the creation of a Hemprek Kanthim (self-ruled homeland) for the Karbi people. It is a breakaway anti-talks faction of the ethnic insurgent Karbi Longri N C Hills Liberation Front (KLNLF).

Karbi Anglong has witnessed severe tension in the past in its demand of separate statehood.

In January 2014, over 3,000 people were forced to leave their homes due to violent clashes between the ethnic Karbi insurgents and the Nagas. 


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