NewsMobile is an independent news organisation founded by award winning journalist Saurabh Shukla in 2014. The other co founder was Dr SC Shukla media academic and founder principal of Delhi College of Arts and Commerce who was the winner of national press award. Our journalists are objective and we have a policy that ensures that they are not affiliated to any political party or advocacy group. We believe in providing a fair and transparent editorial opinion.

NewsMobile is the only Indian Fact Checker and the only one from Asia, to have won a global innovative challenge in 2020. The challenge focused on how technology can improve fact-checking, in round 2 of the Fact-Checking Innovation Initiative.

Along with their tech partner FakeNet AI at the University of California, Berkeley, they were declared winners of a global innovation challenge, organised by IFCN and Facebook, that focused on fact-checking.

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The second round of the Fact-Checking Innovation Initiative awards five new projects


“The winners were chosen from a list of 64 proposals and will split a total of $450,000, made possible by a partnership between the International Fact-Checking Network and the Facebook,” a statement on Poynter’s website read.

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Recently, NewsMobile and Logically have announced an exciting partnership, rolling out a range of election and information integrity products across South East Asia – Including India, Singapore and the US. The partnership combines the best of editorial and fact-checking services with the best in anti-misinformation technology to create a range of tools and products – ensuring information integrity, in a time where misinformation has plagued today’s “post-truth” society.

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The Economic Times featured NewsMobile’s efforts at busting fake news centered around COVID-19 vaccines.

Nov 30, 2020

In 2020 NewsMobile methodology also won acclaim from IFCN as our fact check was declared ‘The Fact Check Of The Week’.

Fact-checkers stick with issues in a debate defined by atmospherics (NewsMobile) is the news and content platform of World Mobile News Network Pvt Ltd, a private limited company registered in India. Our funding was provided by our co-founders who are senior journalists and media academics from their personal savings.

As an unbiased and objective digital news platform, powered by cutting edge technology, our aim is to highlight stories that impact people and present credible and fact-checked stories to our readers.

NewsMobile Funding 

In 2019-2020 the organisation that contributed more that 5 percent of our total funding is Facebook Inc.

NewsMobile shares Fact Checking Best Practices 

NewsMobile Editor-in-Chief, Saurabh Shukla, was featured on a special show on India’s national radio station, the All India Radio (AIR), which is heard by millions of people. He spoke about the efforts of NewsMobile, IFCN and Facebook to curb fake news.

He has also spoken at the Harvard India Conference in February 2019 on how to curb misinformation and NewsMobile’s efforts to curb the spread of FAKE news.

Link here – NM Fact Checker

Why Fact Check?

In our experience, we have found that fake news spreads more rampantly than correct news, harming people and setting off adverse reactions. As a result of the vast spread of fake news, we started independent fact-checking in January 2017. We realized that fake news was not only confusing but influencing people also. It is then that we took the path of providing verified information to people, especially, when fake news goes viral.

We have a special section on fact-checking, titled, NM Fact Checker. In this section, we debunk fake news by putting verified facts before the readers. When we come across a claim or it is brought to our notice, through different mediums, we check it for factual accuracy.

NewsMobile is certified by the International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN) to bust fake news, as per stringent guidelines mentioned by the global organisation.

In 2018 NewsMobile joined Facebook’s fact check program as a Fact Checker. Since then, our fact checks have led to the reduction of misinformation and fake news on the social media platform.

NewsMobile’s efforts to bust fake news during Indian Elections 2019 were also featured in a special BBC world show.

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NewsMobile COVID-19 Fact Checks

The entire world has and is going through a trying time because of the pandemic.
During this time, the team realized that high number of fake news related to Corona virus was floating around.
Our fact checking team deep-dived and made extra efforts to focus on busting any such news.

Our special section titled, ‘Corona virus Fact Check’, was exclusively focused on fact checking news centered around Corona virus.

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NewsMobile also focused on COVID Fact Checks through special shows.

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NewsMobile & Global Fact Checkers

In its mission to fight fake news, NewsMobile started a series to interview the best in the field from across the world. Tips from Fact Check gurus helps us to enhance our own skills, as well as educate our readers about the basics of how to distinguish between verified news and fake news.

Here are some of the links –

In Conversation with IFCN Director, Baybars Örsek –

In conversation with IFCN Associate Director, Cristina Tardaguila-

In conversation with Bill Adair, Professor at Duke Reporter Lab-

In conversation with Glenn Kessler, Senior Journalist-

In conversation with Peter Cunliffe Jones, Senior Advisor, IFCN and Founder Africa Check-

Making Fact Checking Easy for NewsMobile Readers and Viewers

One of our primary objective has been how to ensure that readers can fact check on their own so there is a reduction in sharing of misinformation.

NewsMobile spoke to global experts who give tips on how to detect misinformation.

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In conversation with IFCN Associate Director, Cristina Tardaguila-

Insta Fact Checks

For the ease of our readers, NewsMobile also does insta fact checks – graphical representation of trending fact checks, to ensure it reaches maximum viewers.
These are easy to read, understand and can also be easily shared.

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Besides this we have been conducting fact checking training as part of our Young journalist program.

Also our Senior Leaders have been giving tips on how to fact check in their media interviews and interactions on public forums.

How do we Fact Check

USP of NewsMobile is that our fact checks are crisp and short as they have been designed for a mobile interface.We keep the language simple so they can be easily understood by all readers. We use innovative formats like Insta fact checks so viewers can easily understand them.

We evaluate claims on their reach and importance of the claim and their ability to cause any life threatening or a serious situation.

We follow strict guidelines for our Fact Checks which are selected by the editorial team.

Baseline to decide 

  • How important is the story
  • Can it create a potentially dangerous situation (likelihood of a communal riot or harm a community)
  • Can it create panic in communities or sections of the society
  • Can it misinterpret reality and hence cause damage to people, places and situations.
  • Can it create news trends on social media, which is potentially fake or misleading.

Process to Fact Check 

In order to ensure complete impartiality, we use the TRIAGE system for fact checking. Fact checks are selected based on larger public interest by our fact check editorial team in collaboration with our fact checkers. We prioritize based on impact and virality.

Track the source: We track the source of the claim and then cross-check with multiple sources. If a public figure or person of authority has made the claim then we reach out to them directly to confirm the claim. If there is video evidence, publicly available transcript, report or data, then we take a deep-dive approach to find the exact quote and context. If need be, we contact the organisation that has published the report to understand the disclaimer.

Use of Tools/technology: We use Google and other tools like Google Reverse Image Search, inVID to knock down and derail fake claims. We sift through reams of data and databases to support a claim or debunk a claim. If there is not enough data to take a clear stand, we state that too.

Three layered process: In order to ensure we weed out personal biases, the fact checks are screened by a three layer system. This helps to ensure objectivity and authenticity. We also reach out to primary sources to verify claims.

For e.g. – ICMR –

FAKE Alert: Max Hospital in Ghaziabad is NOT sealed due to positive COVID-19 case


Panel of Experts: This is often important because as a news organisation we do not claim expertise in every field. However, we have a network of experts who understand our commitment to factual accuracy and help us maintain high standards.

Preparing a fact sheet: We then put it down in a systematic format and present the facts in a written report or story form. This is duly substantiated with evidences, as listed above.

Correction Policy: Facts and truth are at the center of NewsMobile’s editorial policy. Our team of journalists have broken stories on corruption at high places, questioned those in power and are fearless, unbiased and objective. We have an impeccable record as a credible media outlet. However, as a responsible media outfit, we are open to corrections. We invite readers to write to us at [email protected] with a date and link to the story. We will fact-check the claim and correct it, in case any discrepancy is found.

In case you are not satisfied with our fact checks, you can email our correction editor at [email protected]

Correction Advisory: While we have been very particular about correcting inadvertent errors right from the word go, irrespective of whether it was pointed out by our readers, our network of experts, competition or by our own team members, we have recently started adding an ‘editor’s note’ at the end of stories that have been corrected. This is in the interest of transparency and in tandem with the global best practices.

Fact Checking Hotline: We have a Fact Check Alert number for Whats app +91-1171279799. Readers are invited to forward a new story or a message on social media that they would like to get fact-checked. They can also e-mail it at [email protected] with the title Fact Check and our Fact Checking team will check the story and publish the truth.

NewsMobile is active on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

How can our readers fact check

NewsMobile has always striven to simplify the fact checking process, in order to involve our viewers and readers as well.

Here are some steps –

  1. Check the video/picture carefully, they might give some clues like billboards, number plates, shop names etc. Also, in the case of videos, listen to the audio carefully; they might also give some hint.
  2. Run a keyword search on Google; see if there are some credible sources to support the claim.
  3. In the case of pictures, try doing a Reverse Image Search.
  4. In the case of important government-related notices & guidelines, look for the primary source. Always try to find the primary source.

Apart from this, we interviewed Cristina Tardáguila, IFCN Associate Director, to advice the public on how to fact check.

Here is the link –

NewsMobile Special Shows on Fact Checking 

In order to popularize Fact Checks amongst people, NewsMobile started a special show titled, ‘Fake News Buster’, to talk about the top fact checks of the week.

We also run a series titled ‘The Fact Checkers’, where senior members of the team conduct interviews with leading Fact Checkers and Fact Check Pioneers from across the globe.

We also run a series titled, ‘The Weekly Fact Check Wrap’, in which we analyse the top five fact checks of the week.

Here are some links –

Fake News Buster

Watch the Episodes

The Fact Checkers’

Training Programs

NewsMobile believes in constant up-gradation of skills for its team members.

Through various training programs, the team has been trained by IFCN Fact-Checking Experts.

The team has been trained by global fact checking experts. Even during the on-going COVID-19 pandemic, we ensured the team is abreast with the latest developments in the world of fact checking.

NewsMobile Editor-in-Chief Saurabh Shukla and Executive Editor Kshipra Narain participated in the virtual ‘Global Fact Check 7’, in 2020 and interacted with some of the leading members of the fact checking community.

Google News Initiative conducted a fact-checking workshop for NewsMobile Journalists in our Gurugram DLF Cyber City office.

In turn, we believe in engaging our learning to educate young journalists and students in the arena of fact checking. This is part of our Young Journalist Programme, wherein we hire young journalists to intern with us and learn the fine technique of journalism and fact checking.

Here are some pictures –

Some pictures from our online trainings:

Non-Partisanship Policy

Our non partisanship policy is clearly stated and actioned upon. The triage process that NewsMobile follows and several team members looking at a story ensures no personal biases come in.
Each fact check is looked at critically, without personal biases, factually and with a lens to ensure only verified news goes out.

We believe in a balanced approach.

NewsMobile Code of Conduct

Our journalists are objective while reporting and we have the policy to ensure that our team is not affiliated to any political party or an advocacy group and is fair and transparent in their editorial opinion.



Editor in Chief and Co-Founder

NewsMobile’s founder is award winning journalist Saurabh Shukla. He did his Masters degree at JNU and a second Masters at University of Hull. He has been invited to speak on Fact checking at global forums and spoke on NewsMobile Fact checking at Harvard and MIT.
Saurabh is a recipient of MS Oberoi Transparency International Award. He has conducted interviews with many global leaders and also anchored our popular show Fact Check wrap.

Saurabh has over twenty years of journalism experience. He has been known for his fearless journalism. He has interviewed many global leaders, during an interview, he asked Donald Trump to apologize for his anti-women remarks. He broke the Dawood tapes, the first exclusive tapes on India’s most wanted fugitive.

He has exposed corruption in high places. His expose on Indian connection on Iraq’s oil for food scandal forced the resignation of India’s then Foreign Minister K.Natwar Singh.
He has been known for his credible journalism. He has served in leadership roles in Top Indian media organisations The India Today Group, Indian Express and Hindustan Times. He is been quoted in the New York Times and The Guardian and has been a commentator for many global channels.

Email: [email protected]

Editorial Leadership Team

The Editorial leadership team is responsible for the selection and approval of fact checks and editorial opinion.


Executive Editor (Fact Check) 

With over a decade of corporate experience with top corporates like GE and ICICI Bank, Kshipra moved to journalism a few years back. She does ground reporting, anchors the NewsMobile Prime Time, By the Way and other news & social issues-based shows. She ensures the team practices fair and non-partisan reporting. Has been through Google training, involved with fact checking and newsroom management.

Her logical approach, eye for detail and process orientation helps ensure the team maintains high levels of professionalism and commitment to work and ethics.

Email: [email protected]


Executive Editor (News) 

A national award winning journalist, Sourav has worked with leading publications and TV channels in the country including The Indian Express, The Times of India, Hindustan Times, NDTV, NewsX and India Ahead in senior editorial positions. An accomplished anchor and talk show host, he has also written columns on politics, society and environment for leading publications and web portals in the past.

A thorough team player with hands on expertise of running a newsroom, Sourav has nearly two decades of rich journalistic experience in his kitty.

Email: [email protected]


Associate Editor

Prema Rajaram is a senior journalist having worked in the media for the past 14 years. Her work includes reporting live and on ground for national English news channels like NDTV, News X, Times Now and CNN-News 18 in Kolkata for subjects related to politics, current affairs and feature stories.

She has also worked with news portals on politics and sports, taught media related subjects to undergraduate and post graduate students at ILead media college, held workshops and has judged school and college events apart from taking on other media related projects.

Email: [email protected]



Rashi Harsha is a journalism graduate from India’s top college Inderprastha College for Women (Delhi University). She has been working with NewsMobile as a Fact Checker. She underwent Google training for identifying and checking the fake news.

Email: [email protected]



Sonali Khatta is working as a Fact-checker in NewsMobile. She has done her PG Diploma in English Journalism from IIMC. Before working for NewsMobile she has worked with reputed organizations like Republic TV, Patriot and All India Radio.

Email: [email protected]


Assistant Editor

Shweta is a journalism graduate from India’s top college- Lady Shri Ram College (University of Delhi). She has been working with NewsMobile as a news writer & a Fact Checker. She underwent Google training for identifying and checking the fake news.

Email: [email protected]


Correction Editor

Anisha Nayar Dhawan is a seasoned TV News Anchor and Journalist with nearly two decades of experience across leading TV Networks like NDTV Profit, TV Today, DD News and Zee Business. She is well versed with fact-checking news articles. Anisha holds a diploma in Broadcast Journalism from Indian Institute of Mass Communications and a Bachelors in Economics from the prestigious Lady Shri Ram College for Women.

She works independent of NewsMobile newsroom as our Correction Editor to ensure our fact checks meet the highest standards of integrity.

Email: [email protected]


Technical Director

PK, as he is fondly called, is a tech war veteran from the Silicon Valley and IIT Delhi. He provides the tech edge for our fact-checking. He keeps the tech fundas up to speed and delivers on our crazy ideas of creating different content with cutting-edge technology.

Complaints Policy

NewsMobile believes in fair and honest fact checking. If you are not satisfied with our fact checks you can report it to our Editor in Chief at [email protected] Or our Executive Editor, Fact Checks, at [email protected] .

In case your complaint is not resolved you can also report to IFCN.

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