Wrong to arrest journalists for doing their job, Mr Uddhav Thackeray

    The arrest of Republic TV journalists and all out attempts reportedly being made by the Maharashtra government to blackout the broadcast of the channel is tantamount to muzzling the freedom of press.

    Media is the fourth pillar of democracy and acts as a watchdog for the nation. As a part of their duties, journalists have to routinely undertake assignments which exposes them to threat and risks from a cross section of people, netas included. All  because journalists are driven by an insatiable hunger to expose any wrong doing and unearth the truth through their investigative reportage.

    By exercising muscle power and unleashing government machinery to intimidate journalists and media organisation only ends up doing more damage to netas. Media and its voice is the voice of the people and any attempt to thwart the functioning of the press will be dealt sternly.

    Hope Uddhav Thackeray gets the drift sooner than later. By undermining the press, Mr Thackeray you are in effect undermining 1.3 billion Indians who are all demanding that you stop this blatant abuse of power and release the journalists who have been falsely implicated.

    At the fulcrum of democracy lies a free press. Time netas wake up and smell the coffee.

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