World Cup mania; a religion called cricket and a country full of followers!

    World Cup mania; a religion called cricket and a country full of followers!

    As India plays New Zealand today, millions of Indians across the world, are glued to their television screens.
    Cricket is a religion in India. One of the few times that we forget political wars, religious demarcations, caste segregation and menial everyday problems. The day, each and every Indian speaks the same language and has a common dream – to see India lift the World Cup.

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    Virat and his boys and many captains earlier too, have ended up doing what otherwise seems difficult for a country as diverse as ours – unify us across the lines. The zeal, passion and fervour that cricket gets into our lives, does make the 50 overs worth the run!

    Numerous debates have ensued in the past over the ‘privileged position’ that cricketers enjoy in comparison to other sports persons. Yes, to an extent it is true. They are far more recognised, have more resources at hand, earn way more than most other professions and enjoy a fan following that very few others can boast of.
    There are many others sport personalities who have, over the years, made us immensely proud. From the latest athletic sensation Hima Das to Sania Mirza, Sania Nehwal to Vijendra Singh, we have an array of stalwarts in the sporting arena.
    A generation of potential future sports stars are growing up in every nook and corner of this country. Unfortunately, its cricket that attracts the maximum attention. A right mix of the latest resources, academies, support and attention can make other sporting events rise up to the level of cricket too.

    Only then, can we proudly say, that apart from cricket we stay glued to our screens for a kabaddi or hockey too.