Will the US strike on Afghanistan lead to peace?

    On Thursday, US dropped what is called a ‘mother of all bombs’ in Afghanistan in a bid to annihilate IS strongholds. This was Trump’s way to act on his election campaign promise, a promise to destroy Islamic State. Massive Ordinance Air Blast Bomb or MOAB, as it is usually referred to in media, is the biggest non-nuclear bomb America ever has used in any of the wars. As per reports, 36 ISIS militants have been killed.

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    Trump launched 59 Tomahawk missiles in Syria recently and now used this ‘super-weapon’ in Afghanistan. This can only mean one thing: that Trump, who kept repeating ‘America First’ all along his campaign is no doubt interested in war.

    Now, the idea that enemy can be vanquished by war and weapons is not new to America as history proves. All the wars that America has fought on other’s lands has proven what though: zilch. That wars don’t solve problems. None of the wars US was involved in has resulted in any massive improvement in the political landscape across the world. What makes US think that using this ‘mother of all bombs’ in Afghanistan will be any different?

    Trump needs to tread carefully. The world can do without a World War III really.

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