Will March 8th SC ruling be the final solution for the Ayodhya land dispute case?

    A decades long divide, that over the years, has become more of a disagreement based on sentiments, faith and religion, may finally find a probable ending.

    In a landmark decision, the Supreme Court of India has referred the Ayodhya Ram Janmabhoomi case to a panel of mediators, comprising of renowned and expert panelists and has asked them to complete the process in 8 weeks.

    So, what does this mean for India? As Justice Bobde had, in the 6th March ruling, specified that what happened in the past, who invaded, who was the king, temple or mosque, cannot be changed. Resolving the present dispute is the concern.

    Right now, as conscious citizens of this country, it is important that we behave maturely. The decision should not be used as a tool to divide opinions, communities, religions and faith.
    Political parties should refrain from making an election agenda out of this. Swaying masses for votes by targeting religious sentiments, has to be done away with. We have dealt with this problem for far too long.

    Media houses too, should project only the facts and not create stories based on assumptions.
    India has to finally rise to the gravity of this dispute, think logically and rationally and let the Supreme Court take its own course of action. A complex dispute like this, will not just require the panel to put all their mind and thought to it, but will also require the support of the people, for whom this decision is being taken.