Will Arvind Kejriwal’s ‘Dial 1076’ finally be the one stop solution

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    Will Arvind Kejriwal's 'Dial 1076' be a one stop solution

    The Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal, launched the ‘Magic 1076’ services in the capital today. A landmark step that can change the way public services function in our country.

    So, what is 1076? It is a common number, which can be used to register for 40 different services in Delhi, like procurement of marriage certificate, driving license and water connection. CM Arvind Kejriwal has termed it a revolutionary and historic step.

    A novel idea, 1076 has the capacity to change the way government departments function. A sort of revolution in governance. And for the people of Delhi, it is a convenience home delivered.

    At present, these services are time consuming. Lengthy processes, long waiting period, procedural confusion, middle men asking for money and other hassles are big drawbacks. However, with a system in place, these can be surpassed to a large extent.

    However, what needs to be seen, is how fast these solutions are provided in reality. The turnaround time for government assistants to close the documentation, will be the yardstick for the measurement of success.

    Till then, the people of Delhi can only wait and watch and hope that such innovative techniques achieve the expectations that have now been set.