Why Kartarpur Corridor should remain out of the fold of Indo-Pak relations

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    The Kartarpur Corridor is a stretch of approx. 4 kilometres from the Indo-Pak border, that will allow religious devotees to visit the revered Gurudwara in Kartarpur, that too, without a visa.

    This is the first of its kind, mutual agreement between India and Pakistan to create a platform wherein Sikh devotees can visit a place that is no less than what ‘Mecca’ is for Muslims.

    Guru Nanak spent 18 years in this place and hence the value attached to it is extremely high.

    The call for a visa-free Kartarpur corridor is an old and persistent demand from the Sikh community. After a MoU was signed between the two neighbouring countries, the work for the corridor started and now on the 550th birth anniversary of Guru Nanak, the long-lived dream will be a reality.

    So, what does this indicate about the Indo-Pak relations. Does this mean, that they have agreed to cooperate in other matters of grave importance too? Does it mean the two nations will be tolerant of each other? Does it mean Pakistan will agree to let India treat Article 370 as an internal matter, as it wants to?

    Maybe No. Ideological differences between the neighbouring countries may still continue. But what they have displayed through this rare instance of cooperation, is that they will and should let religious sentiments remain away from the political realm.

    Kartarpur should be about faith and understanding and not about petty politics.

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