Why fuss over Pranab’s RSS date?

    Pranab Mukherjee, the former president of India, was invited to an RSS event. He accepted. And then accusations flew left, right and centre. Well, not so much from the right, but Mukherjee’s own political party Congress, including his daughter Sharmishta, who is a party spokesperson, urged him to call off his visit to the RSS office.

    Congress leaders went from expressing surprise, to warning Mukherjee that he was reneging on his five decades of politics and convictions. But what was the hullabaloo about? As a citizen he has the right to go where ever he wants.

    As a congressman Mukherjee has an impeccable standing, as the president of the country he often spoke about his long-held beliefs in unity-in-diversity, secularism and tolerance, a statesman who took a bipartisan stance on multiple issues.

    Instead of believing that Mukherjee will switch ideologies after eight decades, couldn’t his detractors consider an alternate scenario where his speech at the RSS headquarters reiterated his beliefs?