What Punjab Needs

    With the Punjab elections right around the corner, it is time to also think about the kind of government that the state needs rather than the government it will get. 

    The land of five rivers is an important state not only for the Indian Agro industry, but also because of its rich culture and past. Unfortunately it is also plagued by problems such as red tapism, corruption and the rather well know drug issues. The state needs a government that is first and foremost accountable to its people and is a responsible one. The problems needs to be looked from a sensitive point of view and steps need to be taken to tackle them. A radical approach will not work in such a highly volatile state, which is also a border state with Pakistan.

    The voters will make a choice on the 4th, but their choice will not only set the future of Punjab but will also set the tone for the impact on national politics. The voters will choose but they must make an informed choice.