What does a 21-day lockdown mean for India?

    India has taken a giant leap in the battle against COVID-19 – a step that makes even China’s lockdown seem as a half measure.

    As per the Prime Minister’s second address to the nation, India will prioritize on health and essential services while requiring every other industry including corporate to remain and work from home. This is also crucial period for our farmers and the agricultural sector. The coordination between mandis, warehouses and supply of food material such as pulses, vegetables, milk etc will have to be worked out at a micro level.

    Any restrictions on this sector may have an adverse impact on our food supply as these are perishables.

    What does this mean for the average Indian?

    While essential services such as food supply and health services are only expected to be marginally affected, citizens will have to brace themselves for a loss in productivity, business revenue and personal mobility.

    On balance, these seem to be an acceptable price to combat the pandemic and prevent catastrophic deaths such as those witnessed in China and Europe. While the Numbers submitted by China are not verifiable and have been questioned by Experts, Italy and Spain have shown us the Catastrophic mortality rates if early lockdown is not initiated.

    India has taken proactive steps and a lockdown to bring in the seriousness of the situation in people, is the only solution.

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