What do Virat’s 20,000 runs mean to his fans back home?

    Virat Kohli,

    Virat Kohli, India’s undisputed cricketing God, has achieved a new milestone.
    He is the fastest cricketer in the world to score 20,000 international runs. The India captain achieved this historic feat when he scored 37 runs against West Indies at Old Trafford today.

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    A cricketer par excellence, the captain with the Midas touch and a team mate who knows how to ‘keep the pack together’ – Virat Kohli is the cementing factor; a strong reason for India’s continuous success!
    Whether it is a last-minute overhaul to the fielding strategy or a change in the batting order or even his belief when he backs a particular player – results have proven that he has made the right decisions. And that is his real strength. Hss command over the nuances of the game.

    So, what does having Virat on the field mean for crores of his fans back home?
    It means trust. It means confidence. It means relentless faith – that this man will give his all, to make India win. That’s the effect his passion has on all of us. And that is why India, undoubtedly, loves him.

    As of now, India is in a position of strength as far as the World Cup is concerned. Yes, it’s a game and we can never predict what will happen in the future, but Indians have the conviction in his capabilities and dynamism. And that is why cricket is a religion in India. We feel the game.

    Virat Kohli – you make us proud. India stands by their captain.